Sydney's Only Demeter BioDynamic Certified Butcher

The Meat Emporium is the Northern Beaches Artisan Butcher located in a modern butcher shop in Elanora Heights. We are one of the only vendors in Australia who stock quality, fresh, BioDynamic Demeter free-range meats and specialty deli products.

We pride ourselves on quality and service, providing ethical free range products as well as local and imported condiments.

All our sausages are made with fresh organic grass-fed meat, with all fresh ingredients including locally sourced fruits and herbs.

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The #1 Butcher in the Northern Beaches

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The Australian Demeter Biodynamic farming methods of agriculture is a world leader in sustainable farming for food and fiber production.
Development of soil health and structure is fundamental to the process of bio-dynamics.

The application of the biodynamic preparations to the soil stimulates and regulates the desirable biological process and functions, which produces healthy, living, rich soil.

Plants that are grown in biodynamic soil are allowed to grow and feed as nature intended, producing plants that are refined in flavor and nutritional value. This is then passed on to the animals that graze the pastures resulting in healthy livestock and great tasting food that is good for you.


Cowobbee Farms



We source all our BioDynamic Certified beef from Cowobbee farms.

Farmer Paul Kurtz is primarily responsible for the Red Angus cattle which are sold under the Cowobbee Pastoral Company brand.

Paul personally selects each animal at the optimal maturity for Richard at The Meat Emporium.

The Red Angus breed of cattle is notable for the lay down intramuscular marbling qualities, resulting in a tastier and more tender beef in comparison to similar breeds.

The farm is located in Oberon, NSW. A regional hub located the the central tablelands of Australia. Known for its endless natural green pastures and high quality of soil.

As recently discovered in a new Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation study, Angus beef steaks had more than 10 per cent intramuscular fat resulting in significantly higher “flavour volatiles” used to measure the taste intensity.

Lynden Farms


Lynden Lamb is located in the pristine mountainous location of Oberon, high on the Central Tablelands of NSW. It is owned and operated by third generation farmer Tammy Kurtz, who’s passion is to provide quality Bio-dynamic produce in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Lynden Lamb is a quality product certified by the Bio-dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) and sold under the ‘Demeter’ Trademark, which not only ensures the product is free of all chemical residue, but also implements farming techniques which promotes healthy soils and farming practices to provide the highest quality, chemical and hormone free produce to the consumer, whilst also caring for the land to ensure sustainability far into the future.

The sheep enterprise consists of 500 white Suffolk ewes and is a self replacing flock (eg. best female offspring are kept for breeding), Selection of ewes and rams are very important as this not only maintains the quality of the breeding stock but ensures that the offspring are of highest quality as well.

The breeding stock are selected on muscle shape and area, growth rates and fat coverage, as well as conformation. White Suffolk’s are renowned for their excellent carcass qualities of meat tenderness and flavor but they are also excellent mothers and are easy care sheep due to their clean points and lambing ease.