6 Advantages of Buying Meat Online in Sydney – What to Know

Buying meat at the supermarket is often an inconvenient chore. You must fall in line and wait for your turn to assess the available products. Time gets wasted upon realizing that your desired meat is not available, or its quality is not at par with your standards. Travelling to the market and back also entails precious minutes that you could have instead delegated for other tasks.

With the availability of buying meat online, you don’t have to go through the mundane chore again. E-commerce alternatives have made it possible that even wet market items like fish and meat are available for orders online, which lessens the need to visit a shop. Though it may be a deviation from your usual routine, buying meat online is a hassle-free option wherein the order arrives at your doorstep. 

That said, listed below are six other advantages of shopping for meat online:

1. You can purchase grass-fed beef

Grass-fed cows deliver healthier meat because they can roam around natural pastures. In contrast, their grain-fed counterparts are stuck in an area with less room for exercise. Meanwhile, beef from grass-fed cows contains nutrients like Omega 3 and Vitamins A, D, E, and K. Save yourself the stress and ask online meat stores about the nature of their products. More often than not, they can confirm their meat as grass-fed because they are part of the production process.

2. You reduce your carbon footprint

The meat they sell at supermarkets is not always fresh because of the process it went through before landing at store shelves. They are often shipped from the farm to the slaughterhouse before they reach the retail spaces. Meanwhile, the lack of a middle person when buying meat online minimizes the carbon footprint caused by delivery trucks. There’s no lengthy process as well, which means that your orders will arrive without much delay.

3. You get more affordable prices

Online meat sellers can set lower costs for their products because they don’t have to deal with retail distributors. As a result, you get to save more money, which you can use to buy other ingredients or save it for other expenses. You’ll save more if you will purchase by the bulk for your restaurant or the party you are preparing for.

4. You get fresher meats

Online meat stores produce beef only when needed. They don’t butcher animals in advance, which means that their products remain fresh for a longer period. To retain the meat’s freshness, they place the meat in refrigerated boxes to keep the nutrients inside. Meanwhile, the meats at supermarkets are mass-produced weeks before the delivery and are not that fresh when purchased.

5. You know the origin of your beef

It’s easy to place a label on meat packages to claim their origin. However, it’s still hazy about the supermarket beef’s origin. On the other hand, online meat sellers source their products from farmers who deliver tastier and better-reared beef. You can even ask the farmers themselves to verify their claims.

6. You can get dry-hung beef

This meat type is impossible to get in supermarkets because they use water to inflate the beef’s weight. Meanwhile, online stores can offer 28-day dry-hung beef that provides a soft surface and packs a wonderful flavour.

Sign of meat freshness

The Demeter certification of The Meat Emporium Butchery and Deli’s proves that their beef, ribs, and steaks are guaranteed fresh and free from harmful chemicals. They also sell fresh boxes for groups and catering services for a stuffed lamb roast. 

If you’re looking for a premium meat delivery provider in Sydney, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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